A unique festival brings great musicians working for nothing to a city increasingly starved of culture

The Palestinian Authority refuses to accept that Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is holy to all three Abrahamic religions

When Palestinians killed five people at a synagogue in the Jerusalem suburb where my son lives, the response was admirably restrained

“First Peres, then Netanyahu, and other Israeli leaders sing. They all have passably good voices-a nation in the strangest surroundings enjoying itself”

As a Christian, I was deeply moved by a visit to the Holy Land

Teacher, philanthropist, founder of the Royal College of Music — Sir Hubert Parry was so much more than a composer of England’s finest songs

Book review of Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore

‘One of my most vivid memories, though, is the weekly visit from “the Arab with the eggs”, as we called him. The arrival on our doorstep of this mysterious figure never failed to thrill and terrify me. There he would stand, wrapped from head to toe in layers of what looked like grey blankets, his swarthy face barely visible beneath his Arab headdress’

Jerusalem, a play rich in historical resonance, is dominated by an extraordinary individual performance