Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt claims events at Stafford Hospital were a betrayal of the principles of the NHS. In fact, they were their apotheosis

The New Culture Forum — a think-tank run by Standpoint columnist Peter Whittle — is hosting a lecture by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on philanthropy and the recession. Standpoint readers are invited to this free event. Details as follows:

As the argument about Jeremy Hunt’s plan to abolish the Film Council continues, with actors and industry types weighing in everyday, perhaps the best and most clear-sighted contribution comes today from Julian Fellowes. Fellowes is the Oscar-winning writer of Gosford Park, and subsequent writer and director of The Young Victoria. Both of these films, he points out, have been used by outraged critics of Hunt’s plan as evidence of the vital need for the Council for the future of this country’s film industry.

Yvonne Loriod, aka Mme Messiaen, has died in France aged 86. Lots of good obits around – here is Tim Bullamore’s from the Telegraph for starters. Most of the tributes happily mark Loriod out as the great musician she was in her own right, besides being “helpmeet” to one of the greatest composers of her day. Messiaen would never have written the piano music he composed without her ferocious technique at hand, so to speak, to play it. Farewell to a legendary artist.