The great provocateur – Joan Rivers

‘In Syria and Iraq my enemy’s enemy is not my friend, not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination’

The secret relationship of Israel and the Kurds

‘The next few months will test David Cameron’s nerve, as Britain plays its part in defending Western civilisation from Mitteleuropa to Mesopotamia’

“Carnage on the beach because they have their Iron Dome.” For this read: “Not enough Jews dead!

‘The first generation sweats on market stalls to give their kids the education that enables them, ultimately, to patronise their parents’

‘The Arab-Israeli conflict defies solution. It is time the West recognised that the differences are irreconcilable-and the sooner the better’

The Samaritans who are looking for new brides

 What would have happened if the meteor that hit Siberia in February 2013 had been hurtling towards the Middle East? Israeli scientists say they have state-of-the-art technology that could have intercepted it. While the UK is busy replicating Silicon Valley on London’s Old Street roundabout, Israeli high-tech start-ups continue to propel themselves farther into the realm of science fiction. How does this innovative know-how fare in a conflict zone which continues to turn adversity into opportunity?