Disgraceful Thugs


Just in case anyone was looking for yet more proof of the doltish nature of Anjem Choudhary’s al-Muhajiroun: yesterday they ‘debated’ with Baroness Sayeeda Warsi on the streets of Luton which culminated in that tried and tested tactic of hurling eggs at one’s opponent.

In the video we see Choudhary’s right hand man, Ishtiaq Alamgir (the most heavily bearded of the lot), take centre stage as he and his cronies shout down Baroness Warsi with desperate screams of ‘do you represent the sharia?’  Alamgir is a skilled publicity seeker and was also behind the protests in Luton against the soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Hats off to Sayeeda who, rather than just awkwardly ingoring them, tried her best to confront the thugs, but soon realised the futility of treating them as if they were balanced and properly functioning individuals.


Although this is unverified, a very credible source has informed me that before the throwing of grocery items, there was an initial debate in the street (which is not on video) between Sayeeda and the fascists.  Apparently, here Sayeeda made the error of referring merely to ‘Mohammed’, rather than ‘The Prophet Mohammed’, at which point one of the al Muhajiroun boys promptly nipped to Londis in order stock up on the ammo needed to retaliate against this monumental act of blasphemy.


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