Tomorrow, a rag-tag army of poorly informed students, unemployed people, members of fringe Socialist parties and Islamists will descend upon Westminster in what may be their final chance to call Tony Blair a liar when he arrives to give his testimony to the Chilcot inquiry.

Israel has one – but have you heard about the others?

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. During that time scores of other barriers and walls have gone up around the world as documented in a fascinating report by the BBC.

Last week marked a terrible return to violence for Iraqis living in Baghdad after a thunderous wave of truck bombs killed 95 and injured more than 1000 people.


I have recently written about the British government’s misguided strategy of seeking to engage with Hamas and Hezbollah, in the hope that this will coax them into moderation.  This debate was re ignited in May of this year when junior Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell stated in Parliament that the government was “exploring the possibility of limited and considered contacts” with Hezbollah’s ‘political wing’.