Crofton Black and Edmund Clark’s book Negative Publicity, which tracks Bush-era extraordinary renditions through photographs and redacted documents, is a compound of elegant presentation and rough stuff

“The Obama White House has bought into Iran’s narrative that there is a convergence of interests over Islamic State in Syria and Iraq”

‘In the savage quagmire of Iraq, the Kurdish enclave is a state in all but name—and one that displays Western traits of decency, tolerance, freedom, stability and prosperity’

From Syria and Iraq to Iran and Pakistan, Christians and other minorities are being persecuted by Islamists. Can they be stopped?

Is President Obama’s announcement that he wishes to ‘ramp up’ support for the rebels a serious policy change or more obfuscation?

The former Prime Minister, whose call for Western military intervention in Syria is consistent with his words and actions in office

Radical Islam is growing in Muslim countries that openly persecute their religious minorities. The West has so far turned a blind eye

Nearly a decade after the US overthrew Saddam Hussein, Iraq is emerging as an increasingly free and prosperous society

Reproduced below is an extended version of a blog I wrote last week on the the crucial role that ideology will play in a strategy to defeat the Taliban. This was published on Monday by Hudson New York.

The Times reports today on the ‘Taliban payoff row’ surrounding the plans set out yesterday during the London Afghanistan conference to coax factions that are fighting under the Taliban umbrella into switching sides.  It may be difficult, particularly for those who have lost family members in the conflict, to agree to pay people to stop killing our troops, but it might just be the only way to win this war.