A Crucial Resource on Iran


The unrest in Iran is slowly creeping out of the headlines, and the blogosphere is fast becoming the best source of information.  One blog is leading the way as a resource for reliable and up to date information.

Raye Man Kojast?, translated from Farsi as ‘where is my vote?’, is a blog run by Iranian activists who update readers on events in Iran throughout the day.  It was formed the very night that the ‘election results’ were announced.

Today they reported with live updates from the Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Tehran, where Iranians gathered to commemorate those who have fallen since the protests began.

At the moment, Iranian dissidents still have the attention of some sections of the world, but the public and media are beginning to lose interest.  International attention on Iran is of the upmost importance and as soon as the regime sees that we are losing interest they will crack down like never before.  This is why blogs such as Raye Man Kojast are so important: they won’t let us forget.  I therefore urge readers to not only visit the blog on a regular basis, but to recommend it widely.

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