The world’s youngest ever International Master is an Indian child prodigy with an appetite for cartoons

A story of unmitigated British plunder in India, but one which subscribes to conventional views

‘To go without beer for a day is a small inconvenience which adds a suitable
solemnity to the business of democracy’

The apologetics over John Stuart Mill’s shocking attitudes towards foreigners is the only thing that lets down Georgios Varouxakis’s otherwise excellent study of the political philosopher

The perils of Partition would have been averted by Viceroy Wavell’s bold 1946 plan to create a subcontinental federation

‘Britain’s best hope of renewing and defending Western civilisation is to recognise that the English language has conquered the world without a drop of blood being spilt’

A century ago, my grandmother attended George V’s Coronation Durbar as Emperor of India, an extravaganza worthy of the Moghuls

India’s greatest living artist has been forced out of his home country by Hindu sectarian extremists

Israel has one – but have you heard about the others?

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall. During that time scores of other barriers and walls have gone up around the world as documented in a fascinating report by the BBC.

Quicksilver Films should win every prize for last night’s Dispatches on the Mumbai murders. The most disgusting aspect of what I saw and heard were the recorded telephone conversations of the gunmen with their controllers in Pakistan. The latter were offering tactical advice according to what they were viewing on television. One hopes the British counter-terrorism community is prepared for how to deal with such an eventuality.