We Want Music Lessons!

It’s been a week of polls (as well as Poles) so here’s another one, and whoever wins the next election should take note of it. Apparently a vast majority of us want music lessons to be nationally available for all kids and a good chunk of adults wouldn’t mind them for ourselves either.

The Incorporated Society of Musicians commissioned the YouGov poll which was carried out earlier this month and found that:

91% of adults want there to be music lessons for children in schools. This covered people from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups and social grades.

77% think that 3p per person per week is a reasonable cost in terms of central government’s funding for this;

19% of us grown-ups play an instrument or sing, but 43% would like to.

The ISM’s chief exec, Deborah Annetts, says:

‘These results are overwhelming evidence that people in Britain are hugely supportive of our world-class music education system. Now is the moment for us to speak up loudly and proclaim just how good music education is in this country and how much support it has.’

‘In a time of political and economic uncertainty with the threat of cuts, we need to fight for the importance of music education. We now know that the public is unquestionably behind us.’

Too true. It could soon be time to put on the boxing gloves, and these results will help to fortify them…

Read more about it here.


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