Leave voters have been called racists by their opponents. But there’s nothing wrong in a country being in charge of its borders and numbers

New poetry by Amy Barone

‘It is assumed that the capital is a standing rebuke to all those who voice concern about unfettered migration. But surely Londoners leaving London is a cause for concern’

It gets to the point doesn’t it — where you’re trying to “do the right thing”, whatever that may be. Lead a decent, middle-class life — and yet somehow whatever you do, it’s morally wrong. You know? It’s exhausting! 
Pippa — you’ve been reading my thoughts! It’s why I’ve got something important to say to you.
Oh yes?

Our future King’s dominion will be unrecognisable but the political class has not yet come to terms with its fast-changing landscape

As the proportion of Muslims rises in Britain and across the West, extremists are increasingly dominant. What is to be done?

A decade ago I tentatively questioned the benefits of mass immigration and got slated for it. But things have moved on

The incompetence of the UK Border Agency has cost me thousands and, ultimately, seen me deported. Even their own staff concede they don’t know what they’re doing

In Pakistan the Ahmadiyya community live in fear of attack. In England they are a model of integration and loyalty to the host country

David Goodhart’s The British Dream isn’t a scintillating read, but it is a thoughtful articulation of the UK’s changing attitudes to immigration