Taking off the Hijab


A really interesting and short video (its only 7 minutes long) by a British Muslim woman who recently decided to stop wearing the hijab. She explains that she wore it for political reasons, not spiritual ones. She also travels to Turkey and asks Muslim women there why they wear it and again examines the relationship between the headscarf and political issues such as the relationship between men and women in Muslim societies. Ultimately, she concludes that it’s better for men and women to learn how to function properly around each other, rather than for women to simply shroud themselves off from society.

Do watch it all.


I had tried to embed the original clip here but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working so you’ll have to head over to this link to watch it. Hopefully, soon, we’ll have discovered how to embed video on the site.

(Hat tip: Yossarian at the Spittoon)

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