Hazel Blears

We owe it to the world to prosecute home-grown war criminals of Islamic State here — not to deny them entry and their victims justice

In light of the recent news that the Prevent programme will be cut, FocusonIslamism presents a short series on the Preventing Violent Extremism project.

Deceit and duplicity are the cornerstones of Gordon Brown’s government – an administration so long in the waiting that like the fruit of the medlar tree it went rotten before it was ripe. From Brown’s unchallenged ascension to the Premiership, to his persistent refusal to call an election, to the Damien McBride scandal, this is a government characterised by cowardice.


Well, I managed to make it through Friday’s Stop the War Coalition event, and I believe I deserve some recognition for that.  Needless to say, Diane Abbott MP was not present as advertised and, mercifully, neither was Ismael Patel.

‘The challenge of violent extremism will be with us for years, but I am optimistic we will overcome it’