A Toast To Civilisation

We challenged our readers to come up with a Civilisation Cocktail, to be served at the first Standpoint Salon, held in London on June 17. The winner was Adrian Moss, of Cheltenham, who provides both his reasoning and his recipe:

Plymouth Gin: synonymous with the Royal Navy without which there wouldn’t have been an Empire, nor free trade, nor the distribution of ideas and ideals.

Campari: a nod to the Italian contribution-Latin, the root of the English language, the magnificence of the Renaissance and the incomparable contribution the country has made to the higher arts.

Sugar syrup: While sugar was originally produced by slaves, the fact that it is now produced by independent island states should remind us of those brave souls who fought for the end of slavery, a high note in any scrutiny of Western civilisation.

Ice: civilisation needs constant vigilance and this is best achieved by keeping a cool head. The entire concept of refrigeration has liberated millions from drudgery and disease.

Mint: a constant backdrop to the history of a society that has conquered the assumption that ignorance, servitude and the suppression of ideas are acceptable.

3 oz Plymouth Gin; ½ oz of Campari; ½ oz of sugar syrup. Place in a cocktail shaker half-full of ice. Shake well. Serve in a martini cocktail glass garnished with a sprig of fresh mint. Chin, chin!

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