Is it ever worth the trouble reading journalism whose politics you fundamentally disagree with?

Benedict Cumberbatch is hard to watch as Julian Assange and a new Juliet brings to mind Shrek’s bride

Update October 2015: Stalin admirer Seumas Milne has now been appointed by Jeremy Corbyn as head of strategy and communications for the Labour Party. Milne is now on leave from the Guardian. Corbyn’s people have stated that: “Seumas shares Jeremy’s world view almost to the letter … they sing from the same hymn sheet”.

For the past couple of days, the Guardian has been running scare stories about the Government’s Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) programme.  Gleefully feeding Islamist propaganda about the government’s supposed demonisation of Muslims, it is an irresponsible and potentially dangerous attack.

I explained the background to my blog about Trafigura and the Guardian injunction on the Today programme this morning. You can listen to it here.

The Guardian says it has been prevented from reporting Parliamentary proceedings for the first time. It does not say why. And it cannot say what is covered by the ban, except that it is a question on the order paper for answer this week and that the case involves the solicitors Carter-Ruck.

A lawyer has pointed out to me that the News of the World could have defeated civil claims by people whose phones it allegedly tapped instead of paying out damages and costs which, according to the Guardian last week, cost the paper more than £1m.