George W. Bush

The foreign policy of the last 15 years has been a disastrous oscillation between missionising and monkishness.

The 44th President of the United States replaced Pax Americana with a new world disorder. Will the 45th learn from his mistakes?

There is more to the New York “vulture capitalist” who wants Argentina to honour its debts than his critics would have us believe

Critics like to think that neoconservative ideas lie buried in the sands of Iraq. But neocons are still in the mainstream of US politics

The once derided, now unmentionable George W. Bush shames the Obama Administration in their respective attempts to promote peace in the Middle East

George W. Bush has just published a collection of essays on the financial crisis — if only he’d acted on this wisdom before the event

‘The Muslim Brotherhood may make us miss their predecessors. And they may forever disrupt the stability their predecessors guaranteed’

Cameron will only break Labour’s monopoly of morality by finding the words and tools to redefine Bush’s compassionate conservatism

‘Will Mubarak stand trial for crimes committed as president of Egypt? We only need to look at neighbouring Israel for a precedent’

‘We are all neocons now, if one is to judge by the general euphoria at the prospect of democracy in Egypt’