George Osborne

Britain’s claim to be the world’s foremost philanthropic nation is under threat under George Osborne’s new reforms

After success on May 5, Cameron and Osborne can confidently pursue austerity. But first they must abandon the politics of incoherence

‘The monstrosity of the bank payroll tax makes “a Budget for growth” a sick and pathetic joke’

If Chancellor George Osborne wants economic recovery, he must stop the government stifling the “animal spirits” of entrepreneurs

‘It’s appalling that 28 per cent of us live off the state…Like my father, without work I would be bereft’

So George Osborne has finished his big speech. Condensed version: the welfare state is going up in flames, and there will be a great deal of sifting through the spin and the small print before we will know how things are really going to pan out.

It seems a little iniquitous to bang on about the arts when the most disadvantaged people in society are about to have hell to pay for their own misfortunes and nearly half a million others in the public sector are likely to be put out of work. But I’m an arts journalist and it’s my job, so below is the statement so far from the ACE.