George Osborne

‘Tax havens are distant and mysterious, and presumably up to no good. What better scapegoats could there be?’

Cameron has failed to detoxify the party and Conservatives are panicking before the reckoning that awaits them in 2015

‘The huge amount of fuss and bother that attends the Budget tells us that something is wrong with how our country is organised’

The author of the Prime Minister’s growth report is an illiberal corporatist

To some in the Conservative Party he is a scheming charlatan with no policies. To others his star power could be worth harnessing

‘Charitable income will suffer from the Budget, as the Treasury knows’

‘The 166 countries outside the EU are at peace even though they do not belong to the EU or enjoy the benefits of the single currency’

Government financial obstacles often start as interventions. But they have a habit of making life more difficult for the Chancellor and his aides

The Vickers report will call for tighter banking regulation. But George Osborne should beware of the economic and political consequences