George Osborne

“Somehow the tax system must be brought into the age of Uber. This is now Angela Knight’s job”

The Treasury White Paper on the economic impact of leaving the EU is based on unsound economics and does not withstand close analysis

What does the Chancellor have up his sleeve this time?

It has been a truism that intellectuals lean to the Left and sneer at the Right, but no more should this be the case

A modest proposal for reducing the National Debt

‘Osborne appears to have achieved the miraculous. He has combined budgetary overspending with a reduction in cost of the debt burden’

“Why have international investors and domestic savings institutions not sold off British government debt in anger at the slow progress on budgetary restraint?”

“Governments really do not fix interest rates. The whole issue is an example of the popular tendency to exaggerate the role of governmental authorities”

The Mayor of London may see himself as the coming man of destiny, but there are plenty of rivals to thwart his path to 10 Downing Street