General Election 2015

Whatever the result on May 7, Labour candidate Naz Shah’s campaign against George Galloway has revealed divisions among Muslim voters

Robert Halfon’s campaign for re-election in marginal Harlow may offer solutions to some of the Conservatives’ biggest electoral problems

Our political system, for all its imperfections, remains precious

‘Osborne appears to have achieved the miraculous. He has combined budgetary overspending with a reduction in cost of the debt burden’

As polling day nears, Conservatives are sticking to a strictly economic message. But there should be room in politics for moral arguments.

“The Chief Whip stormed the moral high ground and dug himself in. So why did I feel unable to follow Michael Gove over the top, as it were?”

On the doorsteps of Essex and Glasgow, the reasons why voters are turning to UKIP and the SNP appear remarkably similar

Unfair constituency boundaries, inaccurate voting registers and non-enforcement of electoral law are a threat to our democracy

You will learn more about politics from Harriet Sergeant’s book about teenage London thugs than from Bagehot’s outdated British Constitution

Does the ruthless new leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party deserve to be calling the shots in Westminster too?