General Election 2015

How UKIP metamorphosed from ex-Tory Eurobores to a political force appealing to all manner of malcontents

The Conservative election victory was surprising — but not to those on the inside of the Tory machine

Unionists fear that the SNP represents all Scots and that a break-up of the United Kingdom is now inevitable. They don’t and it isn’t

The anniversaries this month of Waterloo and the signing of Magna Carta should remind us of the benediction of our birth

‘A dreary and tacky lot of politicians tried to bribe floating voters with the fantasy of “government money”’

‘After 2010, the Liberal Democrats got steadily stronger on foreign policy, a field in which their polyglot leader was visibly comfortable’

Will Britain’s triumphant Prime Minister now show the maturity and character that the nation has a right to expect from him?

Contrary to stereotype, young voters were more politically engaged this election than ever before

John Whittingdale is a Culture Secretary who means business. He must stop W1A’s Europhiles from hijacking the EU referendum

Watching the death throes of Labour on election night in Glasgow