By hijacking the Palestinian cause, the non-Arab world has perpetuated the conflict for its own regional standing. The Arab world must reclaim it

The Israeli Defence Forces have published — not very widely — an assessment of the legality of their operations off Gaza this week. The assessment has been prepared by the International Military Cooperation Department’s Strategic Division and released by the IDF’s Military Strategic Information Section.

The BBC has provided space on its website for readers to complain that the Israeli naval raid off Gaza was “piracy” because it took place in international waters. A rather better use of the page would have been a piece informing its readers of the position in international law.

This authority on human rights has become a thorn in the side of the UN and a passionate defender of Israel.

The South African judge’s Gaza report is just another example of his intensely political attitude to the law

Standpoint readers may not know of my concerns about the International Criminal Court. Established by the Rome Treaty 11 years ago, the ICC has yet to conclude its first trial.  Worse than that, the court is at risk of being politicised by a prosecutor who is entirely unsuited to the job.

The British and Israeli novelists Howard Jacobson and A.B. Yehoshua discuss the new wave of anti-Jewish rhetoric with Standpoint editor Daniel Johnson

‘Gaza saw for the first time the mobilisation of young British Muslims, sometimes on behalf of Hamas’