Israel’s 2005 disengagement from Gaza has left lasting bitterness

“Federica Mogherini is symptomatic of Europe’s double standards against Israel—she treats other ‘occupied territories’ quite differently”

The great provocateur – Joan Rivers

‘The next few months will test David Cameron’s nerve, as Britain plays its part in defending Western civilisation from Mitteleuropa to Mesopotamia’

The nominally secular Turkish state has distanced itself from its erstwhile alliance with Israel. The region is now on the brink

Israel’s response to Hamas’s shower of rockets was proportionate but no Israeli deludes himself into thinking there is a military solution to the conflict

‘After the elections in France and Greece the idea of Ed Miliband as prime minister is moving from late-night fear to probability’

George Bathurst Norman, the part-time judge who expressed his personal view of Israel’s actions in Gaza to a jury when summing up in a trial for criminal damage, has been reprimanded for this error by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, and the Lord Chancellor, Ken Clarke.

The acquittal of eight defendants accused of conspiracy to cause criminal damage valued at £187,000 at a building on the south coast of England last year has led to much criticism of His Honour George Bathurst Norman, who presided over their trial this summer. But those who seem to think that the judge will be disciplined over his summing-up to the jury may well be disappointed.