Gay Marriage

‘After a long process of unwinding and unfolding, I came out as a Christian advocate of equal marriage. ’

‘I have always held that everything to do with “interfaith dialogue” should be regarded with intense suspicion’

The Case of Lilian Ladele, hounded out of her job as a registrar for her Christian beliefs, is evidence of a rising religious intolerance

Cameron thinks Obama’s victory vindicates Osborne’s social liberalism but they both need to focus on aspiration and prosperity

‘After the elections in France and Greece the idea of Ed Miliband as prime minister is moving from late-night fear to probability’

Liberals don’t want the state to privilege heterosexual marriage—but gays and other sexual radicals want public recognition too

As dissenters are labelled bigots and homophobes in the same-sex marriage debate; has Britain become too intolerant for free speech?

‘We all — all classes, races and genders of every sexual persuasion — have a stake in restoring the authority of marriage, because our civilisation depends on it’

‘Sexual relations between same-sex couples will never produce babies. That unavoidable difference justifies having a different legal institution’

‘The law of the land should just allow any two people who wish publicly to commit to each other to do so. It is called civil marriage’