Gabriel Latner and the Cambridge Union, Part 2!


Call me crazy but I don’t think the good people of the Cambridge Union like Gabriel Latner.

I mentioned yesterday how the Union decided to fine Latner 20% of his vote for violating election rules. That violation consisted of campaigning for votes during an interview with the Cambridge Tab where Latner said:

Anyone who thinks we deserve better should vote for me, because my top priority will be improving the debates, and only inviting the best speakers to participate.

Of course, he appealed the ruling.

In the meantime he also set up a facebook page promoting his candidacy and linked to the offending article in the Tab.

The Union upheld its original decision – and, for the new offence, fined him another 20%. (You can read the judgement here).

So, when people vote tomorrow, Latner will instantly lose 40% of those cast in his favour. It’s the kind of electoral rigging that would embarrass even Hosni Mubarak or the Burmese junta.

After his speech in the Union which first caused all this fallout, a number of student societies wrote to the President complaining about Latner.

They simply didn’t understand the point he was trying to make – and, it would seem, nor does the Union.

To be honest, I’m finding the whole thing hilarious and there is at least one good thing I can see coming out of this. Latner is a second year student, meaning we can all delight in watching him run again next year, as I suspect he will.

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