Freedom of speech

“I could not be clearer about the threat that comes from what I call the assassin’s veto: people who say, ‘If you say that, we will kill you'”

“The impulse to suppress freedom of speech is never holy, even if it has taken many centuries for both church and state to admit as much. And that unholy impulse will re-emerge unless we are vigilant.”

Should it be illegal to expose people to damaging ideas?

What could have been a skewering of our censorious times is merely a missed opportunity

‘The depiction of Muhammad is a test case for the practice of Western freedoms’

Our feeble reaction to assaults on liberty in Paris and Copenhagen reveals this country’s terrible betrayal of the principle we did so much to establish

Last year’s protests in Gezi Park have spurred Recep Tayyip Erdogan into absurd action: now he’s locking up would-be protesters before they have the chance to assemble

The real threat to liberty is not Leveson but the Coalition’s own Defamation Bill—yet it is not too late to make a sensible amendment

Throughout the media’s coverage of the Kremlin’s heinous treatment of Pussy Riot one thing has been shamefully overlooked: their feminism

The censorious among us can seize on vast amounts of online evidence and use it to ruin the lives of citizens at random