Free schools

A free school head advises the Education Secretary to abolish Ofsted and cut the burden of red tape if she wants the state system to stop failing pupils

Tristram Hunt found Education Under Siege a useful book. It’s nothing more than the dying groans of the blob

Labour’s rising star has accused Michael Gove of conducting a “dangerous ideological experiment”. He is wrong — and he knows it

Badmouthing each other is not a path to electoral success. Clegg and Cameron must defend what they have achieved together

It seeped into every classroom and subsumed any attempt to destroy it. But the education establishment has met its match in Michael Gove

The Education Secretary wants every child to have the chance to climb the ladder, just as he did — hence his reforms will go ahead

The indefatigable enemy of education reform is making the job of free school champions easier

‘There is such a shortage of places in London that schools will soon have to start teaching in shifts—as they are forced to in developing countries’

Why should ethnic minorities be castigated for voting Conservative when the Left have betrayed them educationally?

‘The madness of the education debate has reached a point where NUT members would prefer to see a school building sold to a capitalist developer rather than see a free school succeed’