Foreign Office

James Naughtie’s spy thriller, The Madness of July, is the work of a man steeped in the politics of the BBC

Book review of Castlereagh: Enlightenment, War and Tyranny by John Bew

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, along with the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service, has come under intense scrutiny in recent months over allegations that they colluded in the torture of terrorist suspects.

Choose Your Weapons: The British Foreign Secretary — Two Centuries of Conflict and Personalities by Douglas Hurd

Derek Pasquill, the Foreign Office whistleblower who leaked documents on its collusion with Islamists, now faces ruin


I have recently written about the British government’s misguided strategy of seeking to engage with Hamas and Hezbollah, in the hope that this will coax them into moderation.  This debate was re ignited in May of this year when junior Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell stated in Parliament that the government was “exploring the possibility of limited and considered contacts” with Hezbollah’s ‘political wing’.