Is Wayne Rooney today’s Raphael? If we treated art with the same seriousness as we do sport, our visual culture could flourish again

Elisha Abas played for years in the Israeli Premier League but when his football career was over he returned to his other great talent: the piano

‘In 1987 the majority of England cricketers were state-educated. Now most professional sportsmen are educated privately — including black children’

The German film Der Ganz Grosse Traum shows the delightful story of the first Anglo-German conflict (football match, that is)

I feel sorry for the lot of them. They probably haven’t got a GCSE between them. And they’ve got their private lives plastered all over the papers. They should be given counselling. To help them make the transition.

They should.

They must feel so lonely. So bewildered. 

And then for us all to have to read about it!

It’s none of our business!

My heart breaks for Cheryl. Especially. 

Poor love. She’s got a bit tubby lately. Have you noticed?

It’s humiliating. Everyone knowing…You wonder why these poor girls put themselves through it.

I think a lot of them are lingerie models. 

Cheryl’s not a lingerie model.