The tale of two Jewish familes in Baghdad and Budapest

Elizabeth Jane Howard showed deep emotional insights as a writer, but could not apply them to her own life

A new short story

Amos Oz’s new novel Judas embraces history, debate, and autobiography

Lionel Shriver’s latest novel is a a speculative spin on the disintegration of the United States

J.L. Carr’s masterpiece A Month in the Country only runs to 85 pages. If only more writers realised that length isn’t everything

L.S. Hilton’s Maestra is a spectacular act of revenge on the English upper class and on men

“Why did I so strongly prefer that Mr Sherman not be an old fool,
another lost wanderer in the Viagra Triangle?” A new short story.

Two recently reissued novels by Aldous Huxley confront the reader with stark metaphysical truths

“Jeremy Jacobson,” he said, putting out a hand. “I’m a graduate student but very passionate about Henry James.”