Amid the constant threat of terrorist action by individuals or groups who have infiltrated our society, to what extent would we be justified in suspending or adapting some of the normal judicial safeguards which protect the freedom of the individual?

As the UN and the US cosy up to Iran and allow Assad to stay in power, Israel’s leader will go his own way to save his country

When democratic leftists embrace illiberal ideologies, they normalise the fascism of the European New Right

The Art of Joy by Goliarda Sapienza has been hailed as the Great Italian Novel. If this is the greatest, then how dull must the rest be?

In Syria, as in the Spanish Civil War, the West is depriving itself of the chance to influence the outcome

Lucy Hughes-Hallett’s Life of Gabriele D’Annunzio paints a picture of a compelling and anarchic poet-statesman

The novelist Nicholas Mosley, who has died at the age of 93, discusses the rise and fall of British fascism with Raymond Carr in a Standpoint dialogue from 2009