Have Syriza’s negotiations failed as spectacularly as many claim?

The Greeks do not — indeed cannot — pay their debts and yet they do not want to leave the euro. Something has got to give

In, out or shake it all about?

‘Hollande’s ministers are falling out among themselves and criticism from his
left-wing allies is getting ever more strident’

‘Conditions in Greece are grim, as one can see from the elderly ladies silently begging for their family’s next meal’

Critics of the flawed euro project have been vindicated but gloating is premature. They need to set out their own vision

‘It is not rational to delight in a eurozone collapse. But the euro has become the supreme icon of all we despise about the EU’

In his October Wine column, Saintsbury quotes Dr Johnson on novelties to great effect: “…novelty is always grateful where it gives no pain.” Well, the BBC gave me pain twice this week with its novelties. 

‘The interests of Germany and Europe are the same: Germany should leave the euro’