EU Referendum

If immigration is not reduced, the country will be unrecognisable within a few decades. The referendum might end the experiment

The paradox of the EU referendum is that the over-65s are the keenest to leap into the unknown

During the Second World War, a “perpetual association” between France and the UK was proposed — in effect, the EU Mark I

Five books about Brexit provide nourishing fare for EU contrarians

Brendan Simms’s new book places Britain at the centre of European history in unexpected and stimulating ways

“There may be valid arguments against Brexit, but the leap-in-the-dark claim by Cameron & Co is not one of them”

“The spending rules in place for this year’s referendum mean that the Remain campaign will have the capacity substantially to outspend the Leave side”

Was the received wisdom wrong about the European exchange rate mechanism?

“Our decent desire to be polite, combined with our indecent concessions to fear, make reform of Islam less likely”

Undemocratic, inefficient, economically stagnant, the EU today has nothing to recommend it. The case for Brexit is overwhelming