English Defence League

The Left is paying a heavy price for its cowardice towards Islamist fascism. The state is demanding new powers to deal with the threat

The former EDL leader has taken responsibility for his followers’ extremism. Will his former allies do the same?

Earlier today, this blog posted a truly shocking video from a recent English Defence League (EDL) rally in Leicester which showed members of the far-right group laying siege to an Asian takeaway full of families.  Watch the video now if you haven’t already, words cannot quite describe it.

The leaders of a new anti-Islamist group insist they aren’t racist or BNP members

‘The English Defence League say they aren’t the British National Party. But some of them are members and I’ll have nothing to do with them’

The recent emergence of the English Defence League (EDL) is the inevitable outcome of the failure of a government to properly address Islamic extremism topped off with good old fashioned British hooliganism and bigotry.  The involvement of groups like the EDL in working against Islamic extremism serves to give ammunition to those who already claim that all anti-Islamists are racists at heart.

Although the liberal-Left has not so far proved any connection to the BNP, the so-called Communities Secretary, John Denham, has been making fatuous analogies between the English Defence League/Stop the Islamisation of Britain, and the BUF members who invaded Cable Street in the 1930s.