‘Europe bought into the tyrants’ excuse: that lack of Palestinian independence, not of Arab freedom, was the cause of Middle East extremism’

‘Western intelligence agencies missed Egypt’s Facebook Revolution. What on earth are they paid for?’

President Obama has made a hash of the crisis in Cairo so far. Rather than demanding early elections, Washington should eschew overblown rhetoric and help pro-Western parties to thwart Islamism

What has transpired in Egypt is truly historic. After covering events there for this magazine and spending long periods of time with protesters in Tahrir Square I’m disappointed to have missed their celebrations this evening. I’ve been speaking by phone to some of the people I met while out there and they tell me a massive party is underway.

The Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has promised ‘decisive measures’ against protestors today. Large scale demonstrations are likely to follow Friday prayers today, which will end within the next hour.

Internet traffic is already being disrupted and the country’s text message service is down.

We’ll keep you posted on any significant developments.