Ed Miliband

Why, with UK growth picking up faster than anyone predicted, isn’t Labour collapsing in the polls? Why does Labour win approval for policies that are clearly incompatible with running a successful free market economy? And what should the Conservatives do about it? The Chancellor, as he prepares his Budget, would be well advised to reflect on more than the Treasury forecast or ephemeral party polling data as he seeks an answer.

UKIP may have peaked but the Eurosceptic party is still likely to take enough Tory votes to catapult Ed Miliband into Downing Street

The PM can’t cut subsidies on renewables without splitting the Coalition. But how else can he trump Miliband’s price freeze?

Our Prime Minister’s Anglican attitudes are as valuable to the Conservative party as they are to the nation

Ed Miliband sees himself as the heir to Disraeli. Not only is he nothing of the sort, but he doesn’t appear to have read the One Nation Tory’s best-known speech

The life and times of Stalin’s last apologist and Britain’s best-known Marxist historian

By 2018 David Cameron will be ready to step down leaving the way clear for the London Mayor to swap City Hall for Number 10

The need to provide soundbites while avoiding “gaffes” has reduced politicians’ speeches to intolerable banality

‘After the elections in France and Greece the idea of Ed Miliband as prime minister is moving from late-night fear to probability’

‘The UK has exceeded its commitment to cut carbon emissions to 34 per cent by 2020. Under Ed Miliband’s Labour government, balsa wood cars are powered with twisted rubber bands’