The Conservative Party’s most loyal rebel

The Mayor of London may see himself as the coming man of destiny, but there are plenty of rivals to thwart his path to 10 Downing Street

Boris seems to subconsciously avoid the subject of Lloyd George, though he shares more in common with him

The talented new Culture Secretary has been immersed in radical politics since his student days and is far from being a philistine

Castigating conservatives on stage is now mandatory—This House at the National doesn’t, and so succeeds

The excellent Human Rights Blog has a useful summary this morning of where the main political parties stand on the Human Rights Act 1998 (although the Tory policy — “replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights” – strikes me as deliberately misleading.

In my column for the Law Society Gazette today, I analyse the recent speech on the subject by the Lord Chief Justice and suggest that Lord Judge has been misunderstood.

‘If the Cameron clique had spent more time listening to friends they might be preparing for power. As it is, they deserve to lose’