Conservative Party

For two years, a Conservative victory looked to be a done deal — then the polls narrowed. Are the voters having second thoughts?

The Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Michael Gove, and the former Chief Inspector of Schools, Chris Woodhead, discuss the Conservatives’ reform plans with Daniel Johnson, the Editor of Standpoint

The policies of Phillip Blond, David Cameron’s ‘philosopher king’, are confused and wooly

It will be an unmitigated disaster if the Conservative Party doesn’t honour its commitment to a Sovereignty Act

Over at, Mike Smithson notices something odd about the Greens. They do far better in opinion polls than they do in actual elections. “Looking over polling which can be tested against real results,” he says, “there does appear to be something of a pattern – more Green supporters seem ready to tell pollsters that they will vote for the party than actually do so.”

My column in the new print edition of Standpoint reveals that the Tories’ policy on human rights is not as radical as they would like us to think it is.

As a black Conservative parliamentary candidate, my choice of party is often met with either surprise or sneers

‘The Conservatives should reintroduce the Medium-Term Financial Strategy that Thatcher championed and Brown dropped’

‘The idea that diligent citizens have been putting away money for their retirement with National Insurance contributions is a myth’

‘The Tories admit that their British Bill of Rights will have to be compatible with the European Convention’