Conservative Party

The riots have given this pragmatic Prime Minister a chance to impose a tough new social agenda and relaunch his leadership

My erstwhile friends and comrades in Hizb ut Tahrir — the liberation party, innit — have released a new report on ‘The future for Muslims in Britain’. The new pamphlet professes to look at the British state’s ‘anti-Islamic agenda’ as part of its ‘war on Islam’.

Seventy years after the Battle of Britain, we again face the threat of a new Dark Age. Can our leaders emulate Churchill’s finest hour?

David Cameron should enlist everybody up to the Queen to rebuild Britain’s moral foundations

The “quiet man” has nerves of steel, and his welfare reform may make the Conservatives the natural party of government again

Does David Cameron know that one of the inspirations for his “Big Society” was a Marxist who wanted to overthrow Western society?

They’ve already had enough of Nick and Dave. Daisy Waugh picks up growing support for a Latin lover

‘Cameron should have been subjected to the treatment meted out to used-car salesman caught selling duds’

‘If fewer of us feel tribal about politics, it is because the parties have been disloyal to the country’

This election will go down as a dishonest campaign: none of the parties came clean with the voters about the economy