It’s the political label that dares not speak its name in France. And Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest rebranding exercise will change nothing

Far from being ‘alien’ to young voters, the Conservative party has the scope to become the natural party of the under-25s

The MP’s suggestion that I had stolen from his pamphlet rankled. I did nothing of the sort.

In his biography of the statesman, Jesse Norman presents Burke as of seminal importance to today’s conservatism, and to Cameron’s government. He isn’t.

Seen as more patrician than ever, the Tories in the Coalition Cabinet are less wealthy and privileged than under any previous government

‘The reaction to lady thatcher’s death in the US brought an avalanche of affection and praise both on the Right and the Left’

Bill and Shirley Letwin kept open house for open minds from Chicago to Cambridge and Hampstead

 On both sides of the Atlantic, the centre-Right has a leadership problem. To paraphrase Dr Johnsonon the widower who, having lost his uncongenial first wife, could not wait to marry again: the re-election of Barack Obama last month was a triumph of the politics of hope over the reality of experience. His wretched record notwithstanding, Americans gritted their teeth and rewarded their president with a second term. Why did they do this? Those who depend on big government—public sector employees, single mothers “married to the state”, and so on—had a positive reason to vote for Obama. The rest did not. What, then, were they voting against?

‘What is the secret of Stephen Harper’s success in a liberal society? Refusing to be bogged down by ideology and giving people what they want’

The financial crisis has produced a new wave of young libertarians but these radicals champion freedom over and above virtue