The veteran of American comedy doesn’t care who he offends

The highly original comic has declined into little more than the manager of his own brand

“Lawyers, doctors, stewardesses, rabbis, rabbits, long-faced horses, Jewish nymphomaniacs . . . you name it, I insulted it”

The fact that most of today’s comedians are left-wing isn’t necessarily the reason they aren’t funny. It’s because they aren’t very bright

The Right accuses BBC comedy of bias, but today’s left-wing comedians are conservative in all but name

Far more than an exercise in oy-veying and kvetching, the Jewish joke is a vital strategy for survival in a bleak and hostile world

The comedian Ricky Gervais (he of The Office) has said in an interview that feckless parents should be sterilised.

Well, whatever you views on this, it certainly makes a change to hear one of the more prominent voices from our seemingly ever-increasing army of comics saying something which is not boringly, predictably at one with the left/liberal line. Or so it seems.