Climate change

COP21 promised utopia but delivered little. Developing countries need cheap energy, not handouts that will be lost to corruption

Lord Stern’s new tract on global warming will help his Green allies to build their latter-day Tower of Babel, but renewables are irrelevant to megacities

The costly and impractical Climate Change Act was nodded through by a lazy Commons and has been rendered obsolete by the oil price collapse

British policy is not rooted in economic reality but dictated by the Green Blob. It is time to break a consensus that is costing us dear  

An Essay on Climate Change

The former Australian leader’s continuing popularity has befuddled the news media and the political class

The PM can’t cut subsidies on renewables without splitting the Coalition. But how else can he trump Miliband’s price freeze?

Global Crisis by Geoffrey Parker is a masterpiece of historical scholarship, but fails entirely in its stated aim of linking political disaster to a changing climate

‘Obama’s proposed carbon tax will founder, but that won’t be the end of the alarmists’ agenda’

The Cabinet’s leading environmental sceptic has charted a steady rise to his new job as Northern Ireland Secretary.