Dambisa Moyo’s Winner Take All is a worthwhile attempt to focus attention on China’s increasing influence in Africa but the author fails to adequately tackle the subject

‘No other nation has anything close to America’s manifest destiny, resources or abilities’

‘The malaise in Western Europe is attributable to affluence bought not by economic dynamism but by reckless borrowing. The response of Greece and Italy is to walk away from democracy’

The President has eviscerated the US defence budget, and so threatens to deprive America of the means to use decisive force

China was in its sights, but the Spanish court’s dithering meant the nation’s conquistadors would never plant their flag on the Middle Kingdom

The pessimists are lining up to announce the fall of the West and above all of the US. But the Americans will prove them wrong

Francis Fukuyama is famous for something he did not say. The book which made him a household name in the early 1990s was entitled, a little too grandiosely, The End of History and the Last Man. Hasty critics took him to be saying that history had come to an end, that Western ideology was now all-powerful, and that therefore there would be no more major conflicts of any kind. With every conflict that erupted after the publication of that book, from ethnic cleansing in Bosnia to the terror campaigns of al-Qaeda, commentators queued up to pour scorn on the naive Japanese-American political scientist who had claimed that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Despite China’s prosperity, the People’s Republic remains in the grip of the monstrous ideology of its founder

Despite Ai Weiwei’s release on bail, we should expect no relaxation in the Communist Party’s repression of intellectual freedom

‘Unfortunately for their leaders, some 384 million Chinese netizens who help to make up one-fifth of mankind are expressing their views, just not through the leaders’ mouths’