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Celebrity presenters such as Jon Snow reject impartiality. But the news must not be twisted

The establishment hid Cyril Smith’s crimes. Imagine what they will do when the press is state-regulated

Tom Holland’s film on the origins of Islam deserves praise for not shying away from controversy

The biased historiography of Channel 4’s mini-series The Promise is just one recent example of innumerable and programmatic efforts to demonise Israel

Last Wednesday, Channel 4’s ‘’ aired an interview by a former member of banned extremist group al-Muhajiroun.  ‘Abu Nusaybah’ as he calls himself, continues to do the same work he always did for extremist Islam in Britain, recently attending the poppy burning march in South Kensington.  The Quilliam Foundation has rightly criticised Channel 4’s presentation of this man as a representative of the wider Muslim community.

This evening, Channel 4’s Dispatches featured Peter Oborne’s ‘Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby’.  At the end of the programme, Mr. Oborne sought to make it very clear that he was not suggesting there existed some kind of conspiracy, but merely that the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ had a lot of influence among politicians.  He may not realise it, but that’s the oldest antisemitic trick in the book.