It is not right for David Marquand to claim that British society has capitalism has humiliated Britain

Piketty’s commitment to rational informed debate is laudable, but his remedies for inequality are not

Why, with UK growth picking up faster than anyone predicted, isn’t Labour collapsing in the polls? Why does Labour win approval for policies that are clearly incompatible with running a successful free market economy? And what should the Conservatives do about it? The Chancellor, as he prepares his Budget, would be well advised to reflect on more than the Treasury forecast or ephemeral party polling data as he seeks an answer.

‘I have spent this week in the lonely position of one who admires both Nelson Mandela and Margaret Thatcher’

A new breed of libertarian paternalists who claim to know what’s best for us are nudging us down the road to serfdom

Jeremy Jennings dissects the work of the fashionable left-wing philosopher, who believes that Lenin, Stalin and Mao were too soft