“If May had not called her wholly unnecessary 2017 general election and thrown away the Conservative majority, the Brexit process would not now be in the dire state it is.”

“Many Brexit and Trump voters resented the exent to which national power had been transferred to international institutions like the EU and the IMF”

The anti-politics of Nigel Farage contributed to the referendum result, but it won’t help Theresa May take on Brussels successfully

Die Welt reported that Brexit has meant high-street businesses going bust. They couldn’t be more wrong

The former Australian prime minister says the UK is right to quit the statist EU for the Anglosphere, which still leads the free world

Brexit is already causing the biggest shakeup of British politics for a generation. But the biggest loser may prove to have the last laugh

“We are all living with the consequences of the great American abdication of the last decade.”

“One of the principles of public service is that it does not just consist of a race to the top with the resignation of those who lose”

“What does Brexit mean? Two main options are emerging: the single market option and the free trade option”