Bobby Fischer

A lesser-known Cold War chess clash which left Bobby Fischer the worse for wear

Chess may not seem suited to radio, but in the Sixties the BBC broadcast special programmes featuring the world’s greatest ever players

Lothar Schmid was a great referee and a remarkable man: a former lawyer and grandmaster himself, he had the respect of even the respect of even the most temperamental of players

London’s forthcoming Candidates tournament features the world’s best, including the highest-ranked player in history, Magnus Carlsen

In 1962 Bobby Fisher claimed “the Russians have fixed world chess”. He was certainly paranoid but was proved to be partially right

Some of the game’s greatest have had trouble playing against the clock. Not so Bobby Fischer, who was a lord of time.

Bobby Fischer was a chess phenomenon who squandered his talent. But we should remember the talent

Former child prodigies Samuel Reshevsky and Bobby Fischer had one of the fiercest rivalries in chess history — and not only on the board

Conventional wisdom says White is better from the first move. A few noted grandmasters have challenged this assumption

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