The magazine’s latest issue, out today, features an advert for a book by a BNP blogger that we at Standpoint refused to publish

Anti-patriotic liberals tell us that the BNP has hijacked the Union Jack but they are the only ones that make the connection between the flag and bigotry

     In just over an hour’s worth of TV, Nick Griffin managed to hijack Winston Churchill, label homosexuals as ‘creepy’ and defend a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The leaders of a new anti-Islamist group insist they aren’t racist or BNP members

To paraphrase Chesterton, when the working class stop believing in Labour they don’t believe in nothing they believe in anything – the BNP in Dagenham, Jamaat-e-Islami and the SWP in Tower Hamlets and the Christian People’s Alliance in south London.

The recent emergence of the English Defence League (EDL) is the inevitable outcome of the failure of a government to properly address Islamic extremism topped off with good old fashioned British hooliganism and bigotry.  The involvement of groups like the EDL in working against Islamic extremism serves to give ammunition to those who already claim that all anti-Islamists are racists at heart.


Yesterday, the Centre for Social Cohesion released its latest report ‘The BNP and the Online Fascist Network’.  Authored by Edmund Standing, it is an investigation into the BNP’s online support network which includes blogs of official members and activists and official BNP YouTube accounts.  The full report can be downloaded by clicking here.

I’ve a piece in today’s Observer which I found a real struggle to think through. The question was, should BNP members be banned from working in the public sector solely because they are members of the BNP?

The novelist Nicholas Mosley, who has died at the age of 93, discusses the rise and fall of British fascism with Raymond Carr in a Standpoint dialogue from 2009

‘The British people have said for years that they don’t want mass immigration. The main parties ignored them. This is venality’