Barack Obama

For all their differences, the new President and his predecessor are both committed to the same project: the US retreat from global leadership 

The American establishment pays court to the Oval Office, but now the masses outside the Beltway are turning on their lords and masters

Heavy government spending and foreign intervention on behalf of the Remain camp have sparked suspicion that the law is being broken

The new leader of the free world will face a choice — continue the declinism of Barack Obama or reassert America’s global influence

Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State means her reputation is inextricably bound to Obama’s doctrine of retrenchment, but Mark Landler argues her own foreign policy is much more hardline

It is hard to see anyone else winning this year. But Hillary’s White House tenancy will be turbulent, with Obama sniping from the wings

‘The very few actions the President has taken with regard to Syria have actually made matters worse’

The President’s supporters call the nuclear agreement his most significant foreign policy achievement. They are right — but for the wrong reasons     

The foreign policy of the last 15 years has been a disastrous oscillation between missionising and monkishness.

Cultural amnesia is very hard to reverse