Bank of England

At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, Mervyn King backed the wrong plan, which triggered a vicious deflationary shock in the UK

“Governments really do not fix interest rates. The whole issue is an example of the popular tendency to exaggerate the role of governmental authorities”

‘Mark Carney has undermined what many viewed as a basic premise of the UK inflation-targeting regime’

‘George Osborne did not have the gumption to take my advice and reject the Vickers report on banking in 2011. Now he is blatantly trying to bypass its constraints’

The Bank of England has for a long time been hanging policy on one economic indicator and hoping for the best

‘The subtitle of the Financial Services Bill should be “We think Gordon Brown got it wrong”‘

‘If Mervyn King should be awarded a medal for his bravery before a solid redoubt of fact, he also deserves a prize for the exceptional selectiveness of his memory’

‘What would have happened to Britain’s economy if the ECB’s Mario Draghi, rather than Mervyn King, had been governor of the Bank of England in 2007?’