Arts Council

A filial memoir of Britain’s apostle of modernism in art

For two decades Harry Stanley Fairclough turned the Wiltshire town into a leading centre of opera

The Arts Council is no longer subsidising poetry publishers but giving direct grants to poets instead. The result: the death of the enriching working relationship between editor and poet

The Royal Opera House’s chief executive is returning to the BBC after a dozen successful years

Boris Johnson should spend his second mayoral term reversing Ken Livingstone’s legacy of inverse snobbery and interest group politics

Subsidy cuts give classical music the chance to thrive without government interference

Failing arts organisations backed by taxpayers’ money do not deserve an unlimited supply of hand-outs

Auction houses are reporting records being broken—even though the works on sale are quite mundane

The future of art isn’t determined by raw cash, as some lamenting the Coalition’s Arts cuts dramatically make out

The Arts Council started with a tiny budget and a mandate to lift the postwar gloom. Now this meddlesome quango has lost its way and its chair, Liz Forgan, must go